ROI of Online Server Data Protection

The goal of server backup and recovery is to ensure that a company can recover from varying degrees of process or system failure, from the loss of individual files to an entire system. Success is measured by how quickly recovery can be achieved (Recovery Time Objective or RTO) as well as the ability to recover to a point representing the minimal loss in worker productivity (the Recovery Point Objective or RPO).

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Data Integrity with LiveVault

Today, more companies than ever recognize the value and convenience of using online bakup to protect their server data. For any enterprise considering Iron Mountain's LiveVault® solution - or any other online backup service - ensuring the integrity of data both during backup and restore transmission operations, as well as on data stored for longer retentions, is critical to guarantee tht you can recover your data when disaster strikes. LiveVault, which offers on-disk retention for up to seven years, ensures that data under protection is error-free during backup, transmission, storage, and restoration.

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MS Exchange Server Backup

BackUp Solutions’ LiveVault, an automated server backup and recovery solution, automatically and continuously backs up your Microsoft® Exchange Server to a secure off-site vault, from which it can be quickly and easily restored in the event of human error or a virus attack, system failure or disaster.

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TurboRestore Appliances

BWith LiveVault, customers have the option of placing TurboRestore appliances at some or all of the sites where servers are backed up. Servers can back up first to a local appliance and then the appliance backs up over the Internet to the off site vault. TurboRestore appliances are sized so that they hold several weeks, or more, of backup history, not just the most recent backup.

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Top 10 Reasons for using disk-based online server backup and recovery

Backup of vital company information is critical to a company’s survival, no matter what size the company. Recent studies show that 93% of businesses that lose data due to a disaster go out of business within two years.
Increasingly, businesses are turning to disk-based online server backup and recovery solutions as the most cost effective fit for their requirements, when they have neither the volume of data nor the level of technical staff that characterize most traditional backup and recovery operations.

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