LiveVault TurboRestore Appliances

With LiveVault, customers have the option of placing TurboRestore appliances at some or all of the sites where servers are backed up. Servers can back up first to a local appliance and then the appliance backs up over the Internet to the off site vault. TurboRestore appliances are sized so that they hold several weeks, or more, of backup history, not just the most recent backup.

As the name suggests, the primary benefit is the ability to do very fast recoveries for all data loss events except the case of a total site disaster (where one must assume that the appliance is lost along with the servers at the site). Restores from a TurboRestore appliance do not need to move data over the Internet; the data is restored at disk-to-disk local network speeds from the appliance. This is particularly valuable at sites with larger amounts of data.

To illustrate, if a site has a T1 Internet connection (1.5Mbps), and one assumes that data compresses 2:1, then the maximum restore rate is 1GB per hour. By contrast, with a TurboRestore appliance the restore rate will normally be 20GB per hour or more.

Site disasters are rare, fortunately. Empirically, Iron Mountain has found that more than 98% of restores are done to recover from server failures, corruptions, human errors and other types of data losses. In all these cases, the TurboRestore appliance provides a rapid recovery option, without losing the immediate off-site backup and recovery capability provided by the LiveVault Service.

LiveVault TurboRestore Features

An additional benefit of a TurboRestore appliance is that it provides a local copy of recent backup data for extra redundancy. Some customers appreciate the safety and convenience of having their data “in their hands”. For example, some customers in hurricane areas have been known to take their TurboRestore appliances when they shut down their servers and evacuate before a storm hits.

Another benefit is that appliances can be used to further control backup traffic over customer Internet connections while still using LiveVault’s Continuous Data Protection. The appliance can operate on a different schedule than the agents. For example, servers can backup continuously to the appliance, but the appliance’s schedule can be set to back up to the off site vault only at night.