ROI of Online Server Data Protection

Executive Summary

The goal of server backup and recovery is to ensure that a company can recover from varying degrees of process or system failure, from the loss of individual files to an entire system. Success is measured by how quickly recovery can be achieved (Recovery Time Objective or RTO) as well as the ability to recover to a point representing the minimal loss in worker productivity (the Recovery Point Objective or RPO).

A recent study shows that a majority of mid-sized companies do not meet their own RTOs and RPOs for recovery of their most critical server data — typically, databases, financials and/or email messages. Many of these companies are seeking alternatives to tape backup, as independent analysts have confirmed that over 50% of all recoveries from tape will fail because of errors in the backup process. In fact, the percentage of total data capacity stored on near-line tape systems will decline from 48% in 2007 to just 27% in 2010.

Online server backup and recovery services help small to mid-sized companies and remote offices of larger companies reliably meet their RTOs and RPOs. They help protectcritical server data at a lower cost than traditional tape systems requiring onsite IT professionals to operate and maintain them.

This white paper helps managers show the profitability of reducing operational costs in server backup and recovery through investment in online server data protections (subscription) rather than traditional backup method. Comparative cost categories used in calculating this ROI are summarized in a convenient checklist. These include capital costs of hardware and software as well as ongoing monthly costs for maintenance, media, labor and offsite storage of backup data.

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