Sign up for LiveVault starting at $30/month

We are often asked how does LiveVault compare to "XYZ" backup. The first thing to realize is that the best solution and the cheapest solution are probably not the same, especially for a business. It is up to you to decide what is most important and how much value you place on things like redundancy, security, compliance, etc. LiveVault is an HP product with a 15+ year proven track record that currently protects over 30,000 servers. Companies that choose LiveVault include Fortune 1000 companies, public companies, banks and government entities. These customers have done their homework and choosen the best solution. As the #1 HP backup partner, BackUp Solutions is able to offer LiveVault at rates typically 50 - 70% lower than direct. We combine this savings with our own US based support geared to small and medium size businesses. Our goal is to provide the highest quality backup solution, with the best support at an affordable price.

Complete File Support & Diversity

Here at BackUp Solutions we want to ensure that literally everything gets backed up for you each and every time. This includes Microsofts Volume Shadow Service for your open files that you may be working on when a disaster occurs. It also includes huge single files up to 100GB each, all application files, all email files, all preference files and major databases.

LiveVault Email & Exchange Expertise

Means Our system takes extra care to include Exchange Awareness with our special customized Exchange mirroring and our Email Optimizer that guarantees you all the little detail in your emails are backed up perfectly from Outlook or Lotus Notes.

LiveVault Web Dashboard & Easy Recovery Tools

With the ability to access and completely control your backups and recoveries from our Web Dashboard Admin Panel you are ensured Rapid Reliable Access to completely control your past, present and future BackUps. Control of most common used data file types and folders as well as the ability to launch a recovery and reinstall up to five times faster than any one of our competitors.

No Long Term Commitment

Month to month service with no long term commitment required.

LiveVault Online Software

Means when you need your software installed or reinstalled on a machine immediately and prefer to do them yourself, we offer you complete installs of all our softwares online with instant download access for your convenience.

Premium Support

Always free we offer support via Live Online Chat, Toll Free Phone Lines, Email Addresses, Contact Form, Remote Access Tech Support, and our extensive Knowledgebase.

Award Winning LiveVault Software

With all the extras that BackUp Solutions offers as complimentary services on top of a cost effective BackUp Solution it's no wonder LiveVault was named the Best Storage Software Solution at the 21st CODiE Awards!

LiveVault Data Centers

Means you have the option to choose where we store your data. Our data centers in the United States, Canada and Europe all provide top security and redundancy managed by Iron Mountain.

LiveVault Superior Security

Through our partnership with Iron Mountain we offer a failed over redundancy mirrored BackUps with 256 bit AES file encryption security sent to Iron Mountains BRUN-PAKS level 9 Underground Centers.

Top Compliance

Consistant, automated BackUps meet government and HIPPA standard requirements.