Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same LiveVault service as provide by Iron Mountain to Enterprise class customers?

Yes. BackUp Solutions is an Iron Mountain MSP partner and has been selling and supporting their products for over 10 years. While Iron Mountain typically serves large, enterprise customers, BackUp Solutions is focused on providing the same technologies to small and medium size businesses.

Why is the pricing less through BackUp Solutions?

With a long history of providing online BackUp services and a large customer base, BackUp Solutions is able to make a substantial commitment to Iron Mountain for services. This allows us to obtain bulk rates which we in turn pass on to our customers. By combining the needs of many customers, we in turn can provide a significant savings to all.

Are there any differences in features or functionality if I purchase through BackUp Solutions?

None. Our LiveVault customer's receive all the same features and functionality including 24/7 monitoring of BackUps, mirrored Iron Mountain data centers, continuous BackUp, etc.

Do my BackUps go to Iron Mountain data centers?

Yes. Our customers' BackUps go to the same Iron Mountain data centers which are the most secure facilities available to the public.

How do I get support for LiveVault?

BackUp Solutions will provide you with first level support and typically we can quickly solve issues that are handeled by level 2 Iron Mountain personel. If any issues come up that we are unable to resolve we will open a ticket with Iron Mountain to get our customers a prompt resolution. After hours emergency assistance can also be received directly through Iron Mountain.

What makes LiveVault different?

LiveVault was developed specifically as a server BackUp from the ground up and is used on ten's of thousands of servers worldwide. Once you install the LiveVault service, all configuration and management of your BackUps is through a web portal. This allows you full control of your BackUps, restores, configuration changes and management from anywhere and at anytime. With support for SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint and most other database applications you can BackUp anything and everything on your servers including system state. To get a good idea of the system and how it works see our demo video.

I see commercials advertising cheap online BackUps. What is the difference?

Low cost online BackUp services are designed for consumer use on personal computers and do not provide the reliabiltiy, service and support required by businesses.. LiveVault is the most used online server BackUp with ten's of thousands of protected servers and over 10 years experience. The product is backed by Iron Mountain, a 60 year old company with 7 billion in assests and 95% of the Fortune 1000 utilizing their services. LiveVault was developed as the premier server BackUp and has continually been updated and improved to ensure that it is the most robust, secure and reliable solution available. Mirrored data centers, 24/7 monitoring of your BackUps, data center generated email and status reports, service level agreement to guarantee performance and BackUp Solutions superior support to help with questions, setup, configuration and anything else you need. When comparing online server BackUps, our LiveVault service provides more features at a lower cost than all the competition.