PC/Mac Pricing

Unlimited data backup is only $99.95 per year!

  • Support for both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Default rules for common data file types and folder locations
  • Easy explorer type interface to modify the backup selection to fit your needs
  • Automatic and Offsite

Why BackUp Solutions is different:

  • Your backups are stored in two, geographically seperate Iron Moutain data centers. Most companies consider you to be their backup.
  • Our software has been choosen by many Fortune 1000 companies as a safe, stable and reliable solution to ensure proper backups
  • Support geared to you - we know our customers and adjust to their needs. We don't have call centers, we have technicians you can call for help.
  • 12 years providing online backups makes us one of the industry pioneers.
  • A "enterprise class, business solution" that is now affordable enough for anyone

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