PC/Mac Backup - Business Features

The need is clear: you want to protect sensitive information stored on PCs, Macs and laptops, especially those far outside the data center. You want to eliminate frantic firefighting, lost data and painful recoveries that divert IT resources—and we know that your business relies on you, as an IT professional, to ensure that your data is secured.

We know that others in the marketplace now claim to sell a business "pro" solution. But are those solutions really designed for business? Do you want you data co-mingled on servers that vendors feel are good enough for MP3 files? Does the average Joe care if he loses a file or two in his backup? Can you afford that level of service? We suspect not.

Fast, automatic backup without user interruption

The software agent installed on your computer will automatically backup your files based on the schedule you set. In addition, you can manually run backups at any time you need.

An end to data loss

Viruses, stolen computers, data corruption or user error can be devastating to recover from. With BackUp Solutions you can restore files and be up and running again with a few mouse clicks.

Seamless Backup

Enables rapid, automatic and unintrusive backup of data and requires minimal Internet bandwidth for daily activity.

Anytime, Anywhere Data Recovery

Data recovery can be managed with just a few mouse clicks and you have access to your data at anytime, using any PC/Mac with a working web browser, from any location through a secure Internet connection using the product's MyROAM™ feature.

Unbeatable Security

Data is encrypted at the client computer and is kept encrypted both during transmission and in storage. Files are stored securely at Iron Mountain's mirrored data. These are the most secure locations available to the public with BRUNS-PAK level 9 ratings. Find out more about our security.

PC and Mac Compatible

We offer versions of our software for both PC and Macs.


Real, live people to help you with installing, configuring and restoring files. If you need any help just call or email us. We even offer remote assistance through LogMeIn. With BackUp Solutions you will not be left trying to figure out how to do something on your own.